Nokia hyllar Nokia Lumia 620

Den här recensionen av Nokia Lumia 620 är verkligen positiv, vilken hyllning. Tur det, eftersom den kommer från Nokia själva…!

You’d be mistaken in thinking that because a device has 512MB of RAM, it would run slowly and you’d experience a certain amount of lag. However, this isn’t the case.
The dual-core 1GHz Snapdragon CPU does a fantastic job at keeping everything running as smooth as any other – more expensive – smartphone.
In terms of battery performance, I easily get a full day out of it, with a fair amount of usage. As I’m still in the honeymoon phase, where I’m still trying to find new things with it, I’d expect the battery to run down considerably quicker. But it doesn’t.

Jag vet inte vad jag ska säga, vem på Nokia tyckte att det här var en bra idé?